Refund and Returns Policy

Our Policy for Returns and Refunds

If you want a refund after purchasing cards from us, we can only provide one under the following conditions. If your situation does not match any of these situations, our managers will be unable to help with providing refunds or store credit for returns.
  • If the payment is in authorized status and not received. In that case, if we haven’t sent the card yet, you’ll get a refund if you claim.
  • If the refund is claimed within 3-7 days after getting the card.
  • You can’t claim a refund if the product/service is validly delivered.
  • Claiming refund is valid only for a specific order, not the whole bunch that you’ve ordered (if any).
  • For preloaded card services, the refund policy won’t be valid. But in some cases, we offer 50% refund.
  • Only the price will be refunded if the claim is valid. No processing fee will be refund
  • You’ll get the refund after checking the details. So, have patience.
  • We consider refunds based on order type.
  • If you send someone from the wallet, even if it is a mistake, it can’t be reversed.
  • If you withdraw funds from your wallet, it can’t be reversed.
  • A refund will be sent to your account fund. We don’t use any payment method to refund any amount.
  • A processing fee or transaction fee related to the wallet won’t be replaced.
We are always here for you. If you have any questions about your transaction, feel free to knock us and we will be more than happy to help! Don’t dispute a transaction without contacting our team first – it’s important that we work together in good faith! We appreciate all of the support from clients like yourself who understand how much hard work goes into what we do every day. Upon your arrival to our distribution center, we will send you an email informing that the discount has been issued and how long it is expected until delivery. In order for all of the assets in one request package to be processed at once they must arrive within 24 hours. If this isn’t possible then please allow up 5-10 working days so each asset can be prepared before being sent out.